Hi, this is Jay, the photographer behind so i asked them to smile. My aim with this positive art project is to shift the way we see each other, starting here with me, while creating an experience that is meaningful and unique for each viewer.

I am constantly evolving ways to give back to the communities we exhibit in, photograph in, and travel through. Though it is impossible to directly impact every place I visit, one way is to collaborate with people already promoting unity in the art, culture, design and social change spaces. So if you have a creative idea for me, or one you think we can work on together, get in touch here. 

As the number of exhibitions increases, all profits from displayed images and our unique collaborations will be used towards select social/art causes. We are partnering with select sponsors, organisations and artists passionate about creating more positivity in our world while aligned with the universality of this project.

SIATS x is where we share ongoing and past collaborations, in order to inspire new ones:


SIATS x Uniting Care West

UnitingCare West, a member of the UnitingCare network, is a leading provider of community services in Western Australia. They provide a diverse range of holistic programs and services which support, serve and empower more than 30,000 West Australians every year.

SIATS is collaborating with UCW on their 'Transform Tranby' initiative. These images are a part of their 'End Homelessness WA' campaign and were made entirely in Perth, at their inner city 'Tranby' facility. In sharing this project with our community and theirs, so i asked them to smile seeks to highlight and support their efforts to dignify all humanity, including those on the very edges of our system. 

SIATS x Design Fabric

Design Fabric is one of South Asia’s most vibrant design dialogues, and also now a major design festivals DFF. We collaborated with this India based platform for an exclusive SIATS photography project. Our cover story and photo series, shot entirely within their Cama Industrial Estate office compound, reflects the human layers of the ecosystem from which Design Fabric inspire the curiosity, creativity and sense of discovery that is transforming the design space in India.



SIATS x Open Hands

Open Hands is an Australian organisation committed to the sustainable rebuilding of earthquake devastated remote villages in Nepal. By equipping locals with tools and earthquake resistnt construction training programs, they facilitate the grassroots rebuilding of communities.

Open Hands provides sustainable tools, equipment and training to rebuild the remote ravaged homes from the 2015 earthquake. SIATS collaborates with exclusive images from the villages that Open Hands has rebuilt. Any profits or donations from the sale of relevant material go back to the program to help further their extraordinary work in rebuilding Nepal.

SIATS x Photography Promotion Trust


This Mumbai-based initiative by award winning documentary photographer Padmasri Sudharak Olwe, teaches documentary photography as a tool for social change.

Our initial collaboration was during the SIATS exhibition at Mumbai's iconic Jehangir Art Gallery. We held a joint workshop as well as mentored some of their students during the exhibition. 

Next we’re holding an exclusive showing where we take the entire exhibition to Dharavi, a vibrant and financially-challenged community in Mumbai.

Dharavi’s inhabitants are unlikely to ever visit an art gallery, but this gives them an opportunity to see a reflection of themselves in images of people from all around the world. Art engages with the People.

We are also passionate about assisting in the removal of participation barriers in art and culture. The Photography Promotion Trust harness the same vision as SIATS in bringing humanity to a point of unity through the camera lens.



SIATS x Sacred India Gallery

This Perth-based gallery uses art and the wisdom of ancient India to facilitate inner growth. Ignoring race, religion, or belief system, this project uses the culture of ancient India to spark open conversations exploring topics that affect us all.

Among their yearly events are SIATS collaborations. These are photography seminars/presentations, as well as an exclusive showing of the SIATS images made on my yearly travels in India.